Are Zero-Turn Mowers Dangerous?

danger of zero turn mower

Zero-turn mowers are a life-saving tool in any garden. But like any other cutting tools and machines, these aren’t perfect either. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 70 people die while a whopping …


Can Zero Turn Mowers Pull a Cart?

Z turn pulling cart

Zero-turn mowers are known to be fast with a high speed compared to other lawnmowers. They are easy to use and suitable even for beginners. A z-turn mower guarantees you a neat lawn. Since invention, …


Can Zero Turn Mowers Plow Snow?

using zero turn mowers to plow snow

Zero-turn mowers remain unrivaled in terms of speed, maneuverability, and efficiency. They can quickly plow around obstacles, are faster, and will produce a manicured-looking lawn. What’s more, these mowers can accommodate a wide range of …