John Deere X330 Vs X350: An Honest Comparison

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Successfully choosing a lawn tractor between two models will depend on your mowing requirements and desires. If the machines are similar, just like the X330 and X350, you might face a much trickier puzzle to decide on the best ride-on mower for you. With a huge sum of your money and satisfaction (literally your sanity) on the line, you are tasked with making the best decision for the long run, which can be easily achieved with the help of a deeply detailed comparison such as this article.

The John Deere X330 and X350 are great high-end residential lawn tractors. Despite their strong similarities, each tractor carries distinct features that will value your mowing requirements and would in turn determine which mower suits you best.

In this article, we’ll be comparing the X330 and X350 to help you choose the best riding mower for your lawn. Let’s get into it!

John Deere X330 Vs X350: Which Lawn Tractor Is Better?

It’s rather difficult to choose the better mower between the two models because each machine is built according to its monetary value. The X350 is a step up compared to the X330 and would realistically offer you a better mowing experience regardless of the unfair competition. This will of course depend on your yard and what you’re seeking to achieve.

If you’re upgrading from a low-end lawn mower to the John Deere X330 and X350, you’d be making a good start. However, if you’re a residential lawn tender seeking to switch lawn mower brands to John Deere lawn tractors, then there is an even greater need for the analysis we’re about to dive into.

the similarities and differences between x350 and x330

7 Critical Points Of Comparison: John Deere X330 Vs X350

The X330 and X350 might be similar on several grounds, but there are features that certainly set them apart. For your decision-making process, these differences will help you decide on which features to forfeit or claim for yourself.

Has 20-horsepower engineHas 22-horsepower engine
Has no cruise control or differential lock featureHas the cruise control and differential lock feature
Runs at a forward speed of 5.5 mph and a reverse speed of 3.2 mph.Runs at a forward speed of 5.5mph and a reverse speed of 3.2mph or 3.5mph depending on deck size.
Has only 48-inch deckHas both 42 and 48-inch decks
High back seat with no deluxe steering featureHigh back seat with deluxe control steering feature and extra storage space
Has 15×6-6 inch tires at the front and 20×10-8 inch tires at the rearHas 16×6.5-8 inch tires at the front and 22×9.5-10 inch tires at the rear
Sells for $3,200 – $3,500Sells for $3,500 – $4,000

1. Engine And Power

Power is the source of movement and operation of the lawn tractor. How efficient your mower will be, depends on how much horsepower it has among other complementary features.

The X330 is equipped with a 20-horsepower Kawasaki engine which is just right for under 3 acres of a fairly plain lawn. On the other hand, the X350 has a 22-horsepower Kawasaki engine which will provide much more torque and be much more useful in lawns filled with details like tougher grass, ditches, slopes, and bumps.

2. Transmission System

The transmission system is responsible for transmitting power to the wheels of the machine. While the engine blasts the blades and entirety of the machine, the transmission system relays that power to the wheels thereby making the machine move. A good transmission on a riding mower calls for a smoother ride free of jerkiness and lagging, much swifter turns, and ease of use for you navigating through sloped terrain.

The X330 and X350 lawn reactors both use the hydrostatic transmission system. However, the X350 features cruise control that allows you to maintain a speed without manually controlling the pedal, a differential lock feature in case you’re navigating slippery slopes, and power steering for better maneuverability.

3. Velocity Of The Machines

How fast your lawn tractor can run depends on its entire frame build-up, the horsepower it has, and the transmission system.

The X330 and X350 can run at a forward speed of 5.5 miles per hour, and the X330 runs at a reverse speed of 3.2 mph. However, the reverse speed of the X350 will depend on the deck size in this class. The X350 model with the 48-inch deck will run at 3.5 miles per hour while the 42-inch deck model will run at 3.2 mph.

4. Cutting Deck And Trimming Performance

The cutting deck is easily the major importance of the lawn tractor itself. For the John Deere X330 and X350, the cutting decks are highly efficient in cutting and mulching grass thanks to the 12-gauge steel accel deep cutting decks they’re equipped with.

The exceptional airflow of this deck ensures that the grass clippings are cut sharply and evenly preventing turf tear and grass decay. The only difference you’ll find in terms of cutting decks of both models is that the X350 can be purchased with either 42 or 48-inch decks and the X330 with 42-inch decks only.

5. User Convenience

Your comfort should be highly considered before selecting a lawn tractor to live the rough mowing years with. No one would look forward to sitting down on a lawn tractor that beats the grass out of their spine for a couple of hours. Thankfully, the X330 and X350 come with comfortable high-back seats and easy-to-use controls, and the X350 also comes with extra storage space and the deluxe steering control feature that allows a more comfortable and swifter handling.

However, despite the comfy seats the models have, I find that they don’t properly protect you from the shock waves as proper suspension seats would from riding across bumps, which is particularly dangerous to older folks. If you have bumps and pits in your yard, perhaps you should look into better seats for the sake of your spine.

6. Traction And Stamina

Tire size is highly important in providing traction to your riding mower when you find yourself treading slopes and slippery terrain. For the X330 and X350, they happen to differ. The X330 has a pair of 15×6-6 inch tires at the front and 20×10-8 inch tires at the rear. Meanwhile, the X350 has 16×6.5-8 inch tires at the front and 22×9.5-10 inch tires at the rear. The difference, although small, is evident. The X350 will offer better traction for slippery terrain than the X330 model would, especially since it’s coupled with more horsepower and tougher transmission.

7. Price Tags

The John Deere X330 costs anything from $3,200 – $3,500, and the X350 costs $3,500 – $4,000 respectively. The prices would depend on where you live and which dealer you patronize. Altogether, ensure that you stay careful of the dealers and compare the lawn tractor prices you find with the prices of other salesmen so that you make a good bargain for your purchase.

Which Model Is The Best For Me Between The X330 & X350?

Now that you have assessed the differences between the two models, you can easily pick out the one that answers most of your needs. Ideally, the X350 is the better model considering its efficiency in comparison to the X330. However, the budget may be a little overwhelming for under 2 acres. If you have a fairly featured lawn, you can easily go for the X330 instead of the X350.

If you consider your yard to be accentuated with slopes and bumps, you may need the extra 2 horsepower that X350 brings. It plays the same tune if you are seeking to tow heavy goods or tow frequently as you drive around your yard; the X350 is the better model for heavy-duty labor aside from mowing.

Can The X330 & X350 Tow?

Both the X330 and X350 can tow several items! The maximum towing capacity of the X330 is 250 lbs pounds using the hitch plate, and for the X350 250 lbs for the hitch plate and 500 lbs using the optional rear hitch. I recommend towing 50 lbs less than the required capacity to preserve the lifespan of your riding mower. You can tow anything from aerators, dump carts, and lawn rollers with either of the lawn tractors.

What’s the Warranty For The John Deere X330 & X350?

The X330 and X350 models come with a 4-year/300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty on both parts and labor. Ensure that you are aware of the conditions placed in your area. Sometimes, the companies have certain reservations about buyers from different states.

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