Zero-turn vs. Walk Behind Mowers: Full Comparison

Zero-turn mowers are the newest kid in the block. Statistics show that their demand is rising, with an estimated yearly growth of about 3.4%.On the other hand, walk-behind mowers have been the ultimate go-to option for commercial and residential landscapers for tight yards.Zero-turn vs. walk-behind mowers, which one is the better option? Here is a … Read more

How to Level a Zero-turn Mower Deck

Does your recently mowed lawn appear wavy and unevenly cut? Doubtlessly, something is wrong with your mower deck. With continued use, the deck loses its calibration and eventually tilts. Even the most expensive ZTRs can experience this problem. It is much more common to zero-turn mowers that are mostly used to mow uneven yards.The good … Read more

How Can I Get Better Traction on My Zero-turn?

Zero-turn mowers are a gem for any landscaper. They are quick, have excellent steering, and maneuver around obstacles quickly to produce a beautifully cut lawn. I like to call them “golf course queens.” These machines are perfect for mowing extensive flat yards and slightly hilly areas whose slope is less than 15 degrees.However, almost every … Read more

Why Does My Zero-turn Mower Cut Uneven?

Are you frustrated that your zero-turn mower cuts uneven? You’re not alone. Every so often, a landscaper will experience this problem. Sometimes you may be partly to blame for the jagged cut, but mostly, there’s usually a problem with the ZTR. Below I’ll walk you through the main reasons why your z-turn leaves strips of … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about Zero-turn Mowers

For many years, zero-turn mowers were mostly regarded as a tool for professional mowers. And because these users were experts in the field, online resources teaching about the nitty-gritties of ZTRs are almost non-existent. Nowadays, these machines are gaining popularity among residential mowers, each having numerous questions about zero-turn mowers. But, unfortunately, most of their questions … Read more

Are Zero-turn Mowers Dangerous?

Zero-turn mowers are a life-saving tool in any garden. But like any other cutting tools and machines, these aren’t perfect either. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 70 people die while a whopping 80 000 are injured from riding lawn mowers. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are from zero-turn mowers. Another shocking study by Amputee … Read more

Can Zero Turn Mowers Pull a Cart?

Zero-turn mowers are known to be fast with a high speed compared to other lawnmowers. They are easy to use and suitable even for beginners. A z-turn mower guarantees you a neat lawn. Since invention, these mowers have been known to work correctly on their own. But can a zero-turn mower pull a cart?Why use … Read more