How Much Does a Zero Turn Mower Weigh? Pros and Cons by Weight

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One of the factors we consider when getting a zero-turn mower is the engine and the cutting width. However, we don’t often realize that one great factor in choosing a mower is its weight. Weight comes with a variety of pros and cons. Learning how much a zero-turn mower weighs and how it affects your mowing efficiency are factors you should consider when you’re going to purchase a zero-turn mower.

How Much Does a Zero Turn Mower Weigh?

The weight varies across the board. Smaller zero-turn mowers weigh less than 700 pounds. These mowers often come with a smaller engine and a narrower mowing path. Heavy-duty mowers weigh more than 700 pounds. These weight differences also affect other things like mowing prowess, cost, and limitations.

Lightweight zero-turn mowers

Most zero-turn mowers weighing under 700 pounds have a mowing path of 42 inches and below. 


  • Lightweight mowers are easier to navigate.
  • They are also faster and tend to heat up a little slower.
  • You cover more ground with a lighter ZTR mower
  • they’re also considered to be much more affordable riding mowers since they come with a smaller engine.
  • Smaller mowers are more agile so they work best with gardens that have tons of obstacles with sharp turns and curving pathways.


Unfortunately, smaller mowers also have limitations as well.

  • Most lighter-weight mowers have thin front tires that may end up digging into thin or loose soil
  • Smaller zero-turn mowers have lower traction, these can be challenging when mowing over smooth surfaces or sloping terrain. Basically, lightweight mowers work best when you have a flat lawn.
  • Mowers with a smaller engine have no reverse. This can be tricky if you’re stuck in a dead-end or a tight corner.
  • Lighter-weight mowers have the tendency to tip over much faster because they have a lower center of gravity. This can happen especially when mowing uphill on a slope steeper than 15 degrees.

Heavyweight zero-turn mowers

Weighing over 700 pounds, heavyweight mowers have an engine with at least 21 HP. The engine size also depends on the make and model of the mower. But one thing is for certain, they’re pretty big!


  1. Larger ZTR mowers are incredibly fierce when it comes to mowing, they may not be as agile but they are equipped with larger mowing paths and stronger mowing power.
  2. They also come with larger wheels and better traction to prevent the vehicle from mowing anywhere else than its destination.
  3. Its center of gravity is heavier making it a great mower for hills.
  4. Larger mowers also come with advanced safety and security measures
  5. Since they have stronger cutting power, they can go over pebbles, small rocks, and tiny objects that can blog and clog a smaller mower.


With weight comes liabilities such as:

  1. The overall cost is more expensive because not only are these machines pricier, but they are also more expensive to maintain and keep up with.
  2. Even if they’re built for commercial use, the size of these commercial zero turn mowers compromises their agility thus making it a challenge to make turns. 
  3. Larger mowers do not go well with areas near water banks and marshes because they sink faster.

The Weights of Renowned Zero-Turn Brands

Husqvarna zero-turn weight

Husqvarna zero-turn modelAverage Weight
Z142474 lbs
Z146474 lbs
Z242551 lbs
Z246504 lbs
Z248F581 lbs
Z254542 lbs
Z254F595 lbs
Z448725 lbs
Z454745 lbs
Z454XS961 lbs
Z460823 lbs
Z460XS973 lbs
Z5481100 lbs
Z554L1215 lbs
Z554X1250 lbs
Z560L1250 lbs
Z560X1309 lbs
Z572X1359 lbs
MZ48595 lbs
MZ54770 lbs
MZ61770 lbs

Cub Cadet zero-turn weight

Cub cadet zero-turn modelAverage Weight
ZT1-42500 lbs
ZT1-42E500 lbs
ZT1-46570 lbs
ZT1-50585 lbs
ZT1-54600 lbs
ZT2-50600 lbs
ZT2-54615 lbs
ZT2-60752 lbs
ZTX4-48850 lbs
ZTX4-54925 lbs
ZTX4-601092 lbs

Bad Boy zero-turn weight

Bad Boy zero-turn modelAverage Weight
Maverick1005 lbs
ZT Elite839 lbs
ZT Avenger746 lbs
MZ Magnum687 lbs
MZ Rumbler632 lbs
Renegade Diesel1862 lbs
Renegade Gas1628 lbs
Rogue1538 lbs
Rebel1382 lbs
Revolt Stand-on1040 lbs
Maverick HD1073 lbs

Toro zero-turn weight

Toro zero turn modelAverage Weight
TimeCutter 75734675 lbs
TimeCutter 75740645 lbs
TimeCutter 75750738 lbs
TimeCutter 75756836 lbs
TimeCutter SS5000588 lbs
Titan 75316819 lbs
Titan Max 76601876 lbs

Ariens zero-turn weight

Ariens zero-turn modelAverage Weight
Zenith 60 Kawasaki900 lbs
Apex 48 Kohler825 lbs
Apex 60 Kawasaki870 lbs
Apex 52 Kawasaki850 lbs
Ikon-XD 42 Kawasaki661 lbs
Ikon-XD 42 Kohler661 lbs
Ikon-XD 52 Kawasaki681 lbs
Ikon-XD 52 Kohler681 lbs
Ikon-XD 60 Kawasaki697 lbs
Edge 42 Briggs510 lbs
Edge 42 Kohler497 lbs
Edge 34 Briggs447 lbs
Edge 34 Kohler464 lbs
Edge 52 Kawasaki560 lbs

Kubota zero-turn weight

Kubota zero-turn modelAverage Weight
Z231KW-42621 lbs
Z231BR-48737 lbs
Z251BR-54749 lbs
Z251KH-54771 lbs
Z411KW-48874 lbs
Z421KW-54884 lbs
Z421KWT-60930 lb
Z412KW-48904 lbs
Z422KW-54918 lbs
Z422KWT-60954 lbs
Z724XKW-481207 lbs
Z724XKW-541223 lbs
Z726XKW-601276 lbs
Z723KH-481212 lbs
Z724KH-541225 lbs
Z725KH-601256 lbs
ZD1511RL-60R1984 lbs
ZD1511LF-722006 lbs
ZD1511LF-72R2028 lbs

John Deere zero-turn weight

John Deere zero-turn modelAverage Weight
Z335E491 lbs
Z345R500 lbs
Z345M496 lbs
Z355E570 lbs
Z355R575 lbs
Z365R575 lbs
Z375R590 lbs
Z515E776 lbs
Z530M780 lbs
Z530R834 lbs
Z545R832 lbs
Z720E965 lbs
Z735E990 lbs
Z730M965 lbs
Z735M965 lbs
Z740R1040 lbs
Z915E1178 lbs
Z920M1220 lbs
Z930M1275 lbs
Z945M1275 lbs
Z950M1275 lbs
Z960M1252 lbs

13 Example Zero-Turn Mower Weights:

  1. Troy-Bilt Mustang Z42: 580 lb
  2. Swisher Big Mow 66 in. 31-HP: 1380 lb
  3. Ryobi RY48ZTR100 42 in. 100 Ah: 700 lb
  4. Beast 62 in. 25 HP: 1100 lb
  5. Beast 48 in. 20 HP: 850 lb
  6. Dewalt Z260 Commercial 60 in. 24 HP: 1130 lb
  7. Craftsman Z5200 20-HP: 600 lb
  8. Craftsman Z5400 22-HP: 710 lb
  9. Craftsman Z5800 24-HP: 865 lb
  10. Exmark Quest E-Series: 415 lb
  11. Exmark Quest S-Series: 616 lb
  12. Exmark Radius E-Series: 850 lb
  13. Exmark Radius S-Series: 900 lb

The weight of a mower is significant to homeowners who need a stronger machine to mow their land. It is also important for commercial landscaping and gardening companies because their efficiency can either be increased or compromised.

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