Can Zero Turn Mowers Pull a Cart?

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Zero-turn mowers are known to be fast with a high speed compared to other lawnmowers. They are easy to use and suitable even for beginners. A z-turn mower guarantees you a neat lawn. Since invention, these mowers have been known to work correctly on their own. But can a zero-turn mower pull a cart?

Why use a zero-turn mower?

Zero-turn mowers give the best results when it comes to mowing. They are more preferred compared to lawn tractors since they offer more benefits such as:


Zero-turn mowers work at a very high speed. They are intended to clear the fields using 50% less time than lawn tractors. The typical cutting time of a zero-turn is 5-8 mph. This speed level saves you a lot of time. See Zero-Turn vs Riding Mowers for a full comparison.


Zero-turn mowers are easy to maneuver. They use two levers to control the machine. All you need to do is push the levers in your desired direction, and it moves.

Saves time

A zero-turn mower is easy to maneuver if you have enough experience using it. It clears the yard quickly, unlike the lawn tractors, in which you have to put a lot of force while maneuvering. This saves you time, and you can work on a large field within a short period.

Zero-turn mower safety tips

Despite excellent use on the fields, you also need to take some precautions before using the mower, during the mowing session, and after you are through with mowing.

Precautions Before using the machine

  1. Always read the manufacturer’s manual to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of your ZTR.
  2. Before operating your z-turn, ensure you wear all the protective gear provided to avoid endangering yourself.

Precautions during the mowing process

  1. Avoid going into sloppy areas. Zero-turn mowers are made for flat surfaces. See “Are z-turn mowers good on hills” for a detailed answer.
  2. Avoid wet mowing areas; this might be dangerous as the machine may slide and cause accidents. Again, mowing damp grass spoils your mower gears.
  3. Avoid driving near large volumes of water; you may slide and drown.
  4. Avoid driving your zero-turn mower under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

Precautions after use

  1. Clean the dirt from your ZTR.
  2. Store it in an appropriate area where it cannot be damaged.

Pros and cons of zero-turn mowers

pros and cons of using zero turn mowers


  • Easy to use

Zero-turn mowers are easy to use and can be used in various places, such as mowing fields, trimming flowerbeds, and clearing bushes. The machine saves you energy and time with its incredible floral features.

  • Maneuverability

Zero-turn mowers come with two levers that are used to maneuver the machine effectively. Plus, its dual-wheel motors help it balance, and you can turn or swing in any direction.

  • Comfort

Zero-turn mowers have compact and comfortable features starting with their adjustable seats and power steering; hence there is no need to put a lot of force while maneuvering.

  • Durability 

Zero-turn mowers use less time mowing due to their high speed, so you find that the machine is resting most of the time. This guarantees its durability since it is barely overworked.

  • Clear cut

With its sharp blades rotating at high speed, zero-turn mowers are known to give a clear cut leaving your yard looking stunning and appealing.

  • Less mowing period

Zero-turn mowers work at a very high speed due to their incredible features and ease of use. Maneuvering the machine is very easy hence you cover a large space in a short period.

  • Mulching 

Using the zero-turn mower saves you time to clean afterward. This is because while mowing, it piles up the grass in one place such that you spend less time collecting it.


  • Not suitable for sloped areas.

If your yard is located in a sloppy or hilly area, the zero-turn mower may not be your best mowing machine. This is because they are made to be used in flat areas to avoid endangering the users’ lives.

  • Not suitable in wet areas

Zero-turn mowers are not suited to work on wet terrain due to their speed and nature of spinning while mowing. Wet areas tend to be slippery, which might cause the machine to slide. The best place to work with it is on a dry surface.

  • Costly 

The incredible work that a zero-turn mower does comes at a cost. These types of machines are costly compared to other lawnmowers.

  • Pollution 

Air pollution is one of the problems caused by zero lawnmowers. When the machine is in use, it tends to produce smog, which contains hydrocarbons. This makes the machine’s maintenance cost rise. If not well maintained, the mower will get damaged soon.

Can zero-turn mowers pull a cart?

Zero-turn mowers come in different sizes and capacities. Large zero-turn mowers, especially commercial ZTR, have a high weight carriage capacity; hence they can manage to pull a cart. However, small z-turns have low weight capacity; adding more weight might shorten their durability, and are not suitable for pulling a cart. Before you decide on attaching another load behind the machine, you need to know how much your z-turn weighs and how much load it can pull. To get exact information, this is what you need to do.

  • Consult the manufacturer

Every manufacturer uses specific dimensions and knows precisely what the mower can and cannot do. 

  • Confirm the machine weight capacity

Every machine comes with a manual that gives information about the mower. Use it to confirm your zero-turn mower’s weight capacity to avoid adding too much weight that might damage your mower.

  • Consider the size

The zero-turn mowers come in different sizes. Small sizes are mostly used on residential yards, which are not too big and do not take much time to mow. These little machines are of low weight capacity and cannot be used to tow additional weights.

Big ZTRs, on the other hand, are used for commercial purposes. While these machines contain powerful engines and have high weight capacity, they can pull other equipment without them being damaged.

The best Type of Cart a Zero-Turn Mower Can Pull

There are many types of carts meant to be pulled behind mowers to make work easier. Most people who work in large fields opt to have their mowers pull a cart to carry extra loads instead of making several trips carrying them. However, not all types of carts are suited to fit behind mowers. See Can you tow with zero turn mowers for more information.

Dump carts make the best choice for zero-turn mowers due to their small size and lightweight. They are also well constructed to carry various types of loads such as gravel, soil, grass, and other ground materials without compromising the mower’s working balance.

They also consist of special lift features that help make work easier. These features include manual lifts that enable the user to raise the load. Hydraulic lifts help control the cart giving a smooth run, electric-powered lifts to raise heavy loads, and swivel lifts that help when you need to rotate or turn the cart.

Another benefit associated with dump carts is their wheel. They can maneuver easily in the garden, and with carriage balancing you don’t have to keep making trips to and fro, and they have easy loading and unloading mechanisms. These factors are some of the benefits that make dump carts best for zero-turn mowers to pull them.

Final Verdict

Zero-turn mowers are the best when it comes to mowing fields. They are suitable for mowing both large and small yards and leave the place stunning. However, pushing a cart will depend on the type of zero-turn mower you are using.

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