Is a Zero Turn Worth The Money

Large properties aren’t that easy to maintain, the cost, the time, and the effort of keeping a clean-cut and refreshing green grass is quite an investment. However, we’ve known that zero-turn mowers are kings in helping property owners keep the grass looking pristine. Nevertheless, these dynamic machines do not come cheap. But weighing in on the pros and cons of owning a ZTR, is it really worth the money?

How much does a zero turn mower cost?

A z-turn mower costs between $2000 to $15,000 depending on the size, the brand, and the added features on a mower. We can classify the price range into 4 categories, namely, low-range, mid-grade, pro-grade, and commercial grade mowers.

For a better comparison, here’s what each category offers its consumers.

ZTR Category

Cost Range

Mowing Width

Engine (horsepower)

Low Range ZTR Mower

Below $3000

Up to $42 inches

Up to 18 HP

Mid-grade ZTR Mower


42-48 inches

18 HP- 24 HP

Prograde ZTR Mower


48-54 inches

24 HP-28 HP

Commercial Grade ZTR Mower

Over $5000

At least 54 inches

At least 28 HP

Is a Zero Turn Worth The Money?

Spending a couple of thousands on a zero-turn to shed hours off your mowing time, drastically improve your mowing precision, and save you hundreds of dollars spent in gas and electricity makes your mower worth every dime. Beyond the basic benefits that we know, zero turns can offer more than just a beautifully mowed lawn.

Uncommonly known benefits of zero-turn mowers

Your zero turn mower is not just about mowing your property but a complete machine that allows you to perform multiple functions while maintaining your lawn. Aside from mowing and cleaning your lawn at a shorter period, a zero-turn has other uses that many property owners find useful especially when it comes to towing and transport. This reduces the need to buy heavy pieces of machinery that take up space and money. Instead, many property owners simply opt to purchase extensions to attach to a ZTR.

  • Transport

Zero turns consumes less fuel when you’re driving with the blades disengaged. Unlike a lawn tractor, your ZTR can run at higher speeds with more safety features. If you have a sizable property that requires the use of a tractor moving from one place to another, then your ZTR will cut the need for a lawn tractor to move around your property.

  • Towing

Your mower is the perfect machine to pull carts and sprayers around your property. Since it is efficient in navigating your way around obstacles and troublesome areas, your mower acts as a great machine for towing.

  • Planting

In relation to towing, you can hook up a seeder and fertilizer to your mower. Unlike a tractor, your zero-turn can easily make easier turns and allow your equipment to spread seeds and fertilizer on your soil. Another uncommon but effective use of your ZTR is using it to pull a plow extension. Cultivating your land with ease fit for planting.

From bagging and mulching to towing equipment around like seeders, sprayers, and aerators, your z-turn performs functions of other gardening apparatuses like tractors, leaf blowers, and more.

Not only are you making a wise investment on a versatile machine, but you’re also. investing in more time spent on valuable things like family time and fulfilling your important duties. For these reasons, buying a zero turn mower definitely outweighs the initial cost of purchasing it.

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